Take advantage of our team’s expertise and we will provide you with a service tailored to your individual needs, ensuring that your logistics processes are carried out efficiently.


Contract logistics

What makes us special?



Modern infrastructure

Own fleet

Bonded warehouse

Parameters of the logistics centre

Warehouse class
Floor load capacity
7 T/m2
Surface area
56 000m2
very good

The storage services we offer cover various aspects, depending on the customer’s needs. In particular, it includes:

Inbound logistic

Our inbound logistic services include unloading, checking the goods, registration in WMS and putting away your products to the assigned racking or bin locations.


We offer multiple storage possibilities, such as condition-controlled storage, bulk & block storage, as well as the conventional rack storage in a wide variety of location sizes.

Inventory management

Inventory is tracked with our locator system using scanning equipment. All products are bar-coded when received and scanned upon every move in the warehouse. Our inventory control staff is always doing internal cycle counts to enforce systems, policies and verify quantities.

Outbound logistics

We manage outbound logistic picking according to principles, like ‘First Expired, First Out’ (FEFO), ‘Last In First Out’ (LIFO) and ‘First In, First Out’ (FIFO). Before dispatch we check the accuracy of each order, print packing list and parcel label and subsequently ship out the goods.


Based on the customer’s orders, we prepare and complete the appropriate products for shipment, ensuring their readiness for further distribution. According to the customer’s request, the goods in our warehouse can be packed in appropriate packaging, such as boxes, bags, sachets, collective packaging or ready-made sets. We also offer labeling, assembly services, e.g. assembly of promotional sets, assembly of advertising packaging or preparation of product presentations i.e. packing them into sets or packages, such as promotional sets, samples or gift packages.


As a cross-docking services, we provide direct transfer of products from inbound to outbound shipping with little or no storage space between the two. This process significantly reduces or completely eliminates the storage cost associated with the storage of goods.

Quality inspection

Goods delivered to our warehouse are subjected to quality inspection. Standard inspection activities include checking the condition and integrity of packaging , visual checks to ensure goods meet agreed standards. This service can also be provided according to specific customer requirements.


Transport and road forwarding

What makes us special?

Fleet of "Jumbo" (120 m3) and "MEGA" trailer (100 m3) suitable for intermodal transport

BDF - Replaceable containers

Own fleet of 420 vehicles

Average age of our vehicles is 1.5 years, EURO 6

Cutting-edge IT solutions

Experienced staff

A database of trusted transport service providers

Fleet of vehicles of type "JUMBO"
And "Mega"
100 m3
Own fleet vehicles
>27 years

The road transport and forwarding service we offer covers the entire process of organizing and carrying out transportation, ensuring safe, effective and efficient execution of the customer’s orders.

In particular, it covers:

Route planning

The planning process is supported by “Truck Intelligence” systems. Each of our vehicle is fitted and maintained with state of the art GPS satellite positioning and communication equipment, meaning our drivers remain in contact all of the time. The routes are planned in an optimal way to carry out transportation service. Taking into account various factors such as distance, driving time, road conditions, restrictions and customer preferences.

Loading and unloading

Thanks to the mobile forklifts with which part of our fleet is equipped, we are able to provide transport services including loading and unloading of goods.

Carrier & Forwarder’s Liability Insurance

All shipments are covered by Carrier’s Civil Liability and Forwarder’s Civil Liability insurance policies. Additionally protection for high-value goods may be covered by a cargo policy insurance.


As a Freight Forwarder, we are able to carry out the most complex transportation process by selecting the right rolling stock and carriers. Taking care of the quality of our services, we integrate experienced and proven carriers around our brand.


Sea freight forwarding

The sea freight forwarding service we offer includes the following:

Space booking

Booking of cargo space corresponding to the properties of the goods. Negotiation of terms, costs, conditions of transport of a given goods.

Negotiation of transport conditions

Negotiation of carriage terms taking into account deadlines, costs, cargo requirements and loading/unloading ports.


Preparation and submission of necessary customs and transport documents, such as invoices, waybills, shipping documents, customs declarations, etc.

Transport process management

Managing the entire process of sea transport, including organization of receipt of goods from the suppliers, realization of transport to the ports and managing the loading of goods to the ships.

Monitoring and tracking

As a Freight Forwarder, we ensure constant monitoring and tracking of the transported goods at every stage of the journey. This may include GPS tracking systems, vessel positioning provided by the shipowner. Information about the status of the shipment is provided to the customers.

Risk insurance

At the customer’s request, we provide advisory services in matters related to sea shipment insurance, which ensures protection against potential losses or damage during transport.

Unloading and delivery at the destination port

Upon the ship arrival at the destination port, we coordinate the unloading of the goods and delivery to the final consignee. The service can also include customs formalities, storage of the goods at the port, and loading onto truck or railway wagon.


Air freight forwarding

As part of the air freight forwarding service, we provide comprehensive management of the transport of goods by air from the place of loading to the final receiver.

The air freight service includes:

Planning and booking

The task of our specialists is to carefully plan air transport and booking a space on the plane. They thoroughly analyze the customer’s requirements regarding dates, routes, type of goods and other factors that may affect the transportation process.

Packing and labeling

Upon request, we provide support in packing and labeling goods in accordance with aviation requirements. We also verify that the goods are properly secured and suitable for air transportation, ensuring protection from damage.

Road transport as part of air service

We organize door-to-door air transportation, which in practice means picking up the shipment from the place of shipment, delivery to the airport of departure and delivery to the final recipient at the destination.

Customs and administrative documentation

We provide support in the preparation of customs and administrative documentation related to air transport. This service may include the preparation of customs declarations, certificates, commercial invoices, waybills and other documents required by the customs authorities.

Monitoring and tracking

The transport route of the shipment entrusted to us is constantly monitored, providing information on the status, location and progress of the delivery of goods. Thanks to this, our customers have full control over the transport process.


Intermodal transport

As part of the intermodal transport service, carried out with our own fleet of semi-trailers, we provide comprehensive solution consisting of transport to the nearest intermodal terminal, rail transport, pick-up of the semi-trailer from the final terminal and delivery to a recipient.

The intermodal transport service includes:

Goods pick-up

At this stage of transport, the goods are loaded onto an intermodal semi-trailer and then relocated to the intermodal rail terminal.

Rail transportation

Upon delivery to the terminal, the semi-trailer, without cargo reloading, is loaded onto a dedicated rail car. Once the entire train set has been formed (the train usually takes 36 semi-trailers), the rail transport stage follows, which takes place according to a specific schedule which ensures predictable delivery time to the final terminal.

Unloading and delivery to the customer

After reaching the final terminal, the semi-trailer is picked up by our tractor and delivered to the final recipient in accordance with the previously received instructions.

Customs and administrative documentation

We provide support in the preparation of the documentation necessary for intermodal transportation. Most often these are: invoice, bill of lading, customs documents if the starting or ending station is outside the European Union.

Track and trace

The transport route of the shipment is constantly monitored at every stage of the transportation process. This is possible thanks to the installation of a GPS locator inside the semi-trailer.


Fulfillment for e-commerce

Goods receipt, storage and inventory management

As part of this service, we provide stock receipt, quality control, decompletion, palletization, and storage according to customer requirements. This service also includes inventory tracking, monitoring expiration dates and goods rotation management.

Order processing

We accept orders from customers, verify and process them. We pack our clients’ products, prepare labels and documents necessary for shipment.

Shipping & Delivery

We organize the shipping process of orders, selecting the appropriate delivery methods, preparing the goods for shipment. The entire process is monitored, which allows you to track the status of the delivery service. Shipments can be made both in parcels, on pallets as well as LTL and FTL.

Returns handling

We handle returns by accepting returned products from customers, checking their condition and restocking the products.

IT systems integration

The integration of IT systems in e-commerce logistics plays a key role in ensuring the smooth functioning of operational processes, order and delivery management. Therefore, the choice of WMS software supplier was preceded by many months of in-depth analysis of the market and available tools. Our system satisfies the needs of e-commerce market leaders by offering the necessary functionality in the area of warehouse management, as well as full integrity with suppliers’ ERP systems.


Customs brokerage

Customs services are particularly important in international trade, where the movement of goods between different countries is subject to many regulations, procedures and customs and administrative controls. Our specialists are at your disposal to help you comply with these regulations, minimize risks, optimize costs and move goods smoothly across borders.

Customs agency services include:

Customs consulting

Our experienced team of customs agents provides consulting services on customs regulations, import and export procedures, required documents, customs rates, taxes or foreign trade rules.

Customs documentation

Preparation and submission of customs declarations and other documents necessary for border crossing, such as commercial invoices, waybills, certificates of origin of goods, etc. As part of this service, we also legalize Certificates of Origin EUR 1 and A.TR.

Payment of customs and fiscal duties

The customs services we provide include also calculation of customs rates, import taxes, customs-administrative fees, other duties and then paying them on behalf of the client thus enabling deferred payment using the customs guarantees we possess.

Customs procedures

Our customs experts can assist in the management of customs-administrative procedures such as simplified procedures, bonded warehousing, processing under customs control or temporary admission to minimize customs formalities and speed up the movement of goods.


This service is dedicated to clients who exchange goods with European Union countries and have exceeded the statistical threshold. We prepare INTRASTAT declarations on their behalf.

Customs complaints

In the event of any disputes, errors or problems related to customs, our team can represent clients in customs complaints and help resolve these issues.


Bonded warehouse

The bonded warehousing service is designed to allow the storage of goods that have crossed the border but have not yet been finally cleared. Non-EU goods under the customs bonded warehouse procedure are not subject to customs duties as long as they are in storage. The importer does not have to pay customs duties and VAT or excise taxes. In addition, full customs documentation is not required to be submitted when placing goods into the warehouse.

Storage of goods

The bonded warehouse is used to store goods that have entered the customs territory but have not yet been finally customs released.

Period of storage

The time that goods remain under the bonded warehouse procedure is unlimited. It is the importer’s decision when his goods will be released.

Possible activities in the bonded warehouse

Goods placed under the bonded warehousing procedure may undergo the usual handling intended to preserve the goods unchanged, to improve their appearance, to improve their commercial quality or to prepare them for distribution or resale.

The bonded warehouse service is particularly useful when goods need to be stored before deciding on their further destination, such as re-export, batch splitting, use in production or other operations. A bonded warehouse enables importers to optimize customs processes and control costs efficiently.

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