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Łukasz Kordecki


Responsible for the management and development of the company as well as for its relationships with customers and suppliers. He has nearly 20 years of experience in managing global supply chain processes, which he gained while working in senior positions in large multinational corporations. Throughout his career, he has been in charge of organising, implementing and supervising distribution and purchasing processes in Europe, Asia and Africa. Łukasz is distinguished by his expert logistics knowledge, proven by numerous logistics certificates, his expertise in the rapidly changing market and his extensive practice in the organisation of road and sea transport.

Mirosław Maszoński

President of the Management Board, responsible for the company’s development and strategy

Founder and president of Maszonski Logistic. He first entered the world of business in the 1990s. He started alone with just one truck but had a passion and a vision, which he shares with a team of over 800 people. Today, Mirosław Maszonski is the owner of several successful companies in the energy, railway and plastic packaging sectors.

Bartosz Rojewski


Responsible for the management and development of the company and its relationships with customers. He has more than 15 years of experience which he gained at multinational corporations in warehouse logistics management. Bartosz creates and delivers world-class services thanks to his ability to build a team of professionals, practical knowledge of IT systems supporting logistics processes and an individual approach to customer’s needs. During his career to date, he has been responsible for the design and implementation of logistics processes in newly built production plants in Scandinavia. He has also managed more than a dozen 3PL warehouses in Western Europe.

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